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Fiore Tree Pricing

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Your Fiore Tree is forged from mild steel, has welded bark, is drip-irrigation-ready, and aged to patina.  You’ll need to install it, but that’s fun, as you’ll discover. (Mounting methods may vary, but we recommend bolting your tree down to a solid undergirding – probably a concrete footing – but in most cases using 4 pieces of rebar is adequate.)

Your tree is priced for pickup at our shop in Minneapolis, MN.  But we can deliver anywhere in the world; please contact us for shipping costs if you need your Fiore Tree shipped.

We do not offer bulk discounts. Each Fiore Tree is hand-forged art. (We may be artists, but we’d prefer not to become starving artists.)

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$ 2,350

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$ 2,875

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$ 4,325

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4-pot Grande

$ 15,500

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7-pot Grande

$ 19,500

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Besides having your Fiore Tree on your property, in a patch of sun of your choosing, how else can you customize it to your villa? We offer many add-ons (please contact us for pricing):

  • Coatings, applied with powder coating: either clear-coat or your color of choice. (We’re fond of a double-clear-coat coating, because colored paint can obscure some of the artistry.)
  • Theft-protection bar. Perfect for public displays.
  • Hammered finish: the fruits of many hours of heating and hand-hammering the entire tree trunk and limbs, so that they are even more lifelike.
  • The voice of Pavarotti (well, actually a Bluetooth speaker installed in the trunk of your tree – for you to play your preferred music or birdcalls).
  • Choice of metal: we can hand-forge your Fiore Tree from stainless steel or from copper (clear-coated or allowed to patina).
    Plasma-cut bark (not available for The Minuto)
  • LED color-changing internal lighting (only available with the plasma-cut bark option, so it’s not available for The Minuto)
    Built-in bird house with access in the tree trunk (not available for The Minuto).
  • Exposed roots – perfect for free-standing applications (only available for The Minuto).