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Inspired from Italy

About Minuto

Standing about 4 feet tall, the Minuto brings the beauty of a Fiore Tree canopy closer to terra firma. A Minuto complements a small space within a larger property, or a smaller property.  (It is also a perfect way to begin planting your Fiore forest.)

Although the Minuto has a standard steel trunk with welded bark (much like the Classico and other Fiore Trees), most of the branches are made of bark-imprinted mild steel, and it has textured steel leaves – hand-hammered and shaped to perfection.

The trunk measures approximately 2 inches in diameter.  Most branches measure between 3/8 inch and 7/8 inches in diameter. The mounting base measures 8 inches in diameter, and the 6 1/2-inch diameter pot base accommodates perfectly a traditional 12-inch hanging basket.

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