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What flowers can I plant in my Fiore Tree?

Petunias and pansies were stuck in my head when I designed the Fiore Tree, but pretty much any flower or foliage will do.  The only limit is your imagination.  Please send me your photos!

What kinds of flower pots work in a Fiore Tree?

You can use pretty much any properly sized pot.  There are no “right” pots for a Fiore Tree.  If your pot of choice fits inside the Fiore ring – the ring around the top of the tree that helps support the flowers on a horizontal plane – it’ll work just fine.

What add-ons are available for Fiore Trees?

We offer many add-ons:

  • Internal birdhouses. We can put a birdhouse in the trunk of any Classico or Grande, with a door in the back so you’re able to remove the old nest each year with ease.  Some people even use this access door to mount Wi-Fi cameras inside the tree – so they watch the eggs hatch, for example.
  • External hanging birdhouses & birdfeeders. We hand-forge these out of mild steel (or the metal of your choice).
  • Bird fountains. Flying many miles to admire your flowers can work up a powerful thirst in a bird.  A fountain is great way to help birds without spoiling them with food.  These are only available with a drip-irrigation prep package (that’s how the bird fountain can be refilled daily).
  • Bark cut-outs. Our magic touch with the torch lets us cut grooves in the tree trunk and branches.  Lines add depth and character to the tree, creating a bark-like appearance.
  • LEDs. LED lighting pairs beautifully with our bark cut-out option, and allow us to illuminate the trunk and main branches from the inside the tree.  Though visible during the day, they lighting is spectacular in the evening.
  • Exposed tree “roots.” These enhance the freestanding look and stability.  Every Fiore Tree stands on its own on any flat surface, but the exposed roots make it even more stable.  Perfect for inside a home, or for your front stoop or patio.  All roots are made from mild steel and heated, hammered, and bent to perfection.
  • Bases. We can custom-build any tree base for freestanding or indoor applications.
  • Drip Irrigation. – You can add drip irrigation to any Fiore Tree. Simply hook up a single line from the bottom of your Fiore Tree to your existing irrigation system.  All drip tubing is hidden in the tree trunk (except for the smaller tubbing and emitters, which exit the tree just below the pot platform).  The irrigation isn’t visible if your flowers are mature and full.
  • Theft protection bar. Everyone loves a Fiore Tree – even those with sticky fingers.  Our anti-theft bar deters would-be thieves from lifting your flower basket.  Great for display in or near public areas, or along a busy street,.
  • Finishes. Although the natural metal look is a fan-favorite, your tastes may be such that you want a more-traditional painted finish.  We apply all paint and clear-finish with a powder coating, for a rock-hard finish that stands the test of time.  We can do anything from a traditional solid color to 24-carat gilding.
  • Different metals. We can work any type of metal you want. Though mild steel is our go-to metal to work with, copper and stainless steel also are breathtaking in the right setting.
  • Miscellaneous. Don’t see your favorite add-on on our list? We can still do it.  Fueled by pasta, wine, and your imagination, we can build just about anything.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes.  If you can dream it, we can hand-forge it.

What tools do I need to set up a Fiore Tree?

That depends on the application.

A freestanding Fiore Tree with exposed roots requires no tools at all.  Simply unbox it, stand it upright, install a flower-basket of your choice, and water it.

For a larger Fiore Tree with a simple base (installed in your landscaping) you’ll need to get your hands on four 3-foot lengths of standard rebar (found at any large retail store) and a large hammer.

To hurricane-proof your Fiore Tree you’ll need a shovel (to dig a hole about 3 feet deep), about 5 bags of concrete, water (for the concrete mix), a hammer-drill, four half-inch (1/2”)  threaded concrete anchor bolts, and four half-inch (1/2”) nuts.

Some Fiore Tree owners opt for the naturale approach: they dig a 2-foot hole and hold their Fiore Tree in place by setting it into the hole and packing dirt around it.

Fiore Trees are easy for you to install, or for any good local handyman to install.

What maintenance does my tree require?

After 10-20 years you may want your Fiore Tree refinished.  Or you may love how it looks even more.  Nothing you need to do in the meantime, though.

Can I install a Fiore Tree in any ground?

Yes.  If your soil is too granular and loose for stakes to hold it in firmly in place, a shallow, quick-and-simple concrete footing may be needed.

Can I connect my Fiore Tree to my irrigation system?

Yes, you can add irrigation to any Fiore Tree.  If you choose that option, all you’ll need to do is hook a single line exiting from the bottom of the Fiore Tree to your existing irrigation system.  All drip tubing is hidden in the tree trunk (except for the smaller tubbing and emitters, which exit the tree just below the pot platform).  All irrigation is hidden from view once your flower canopy has matured.

How much does a Fiore Tree weigh?

Each tree is different, and because each tree is unique, the weight varies from tree to tree.  But I can say roughly how much each type of Fiore Tree tends to weigh: A Minuto weighs about 50lbs, a Minuto Classico weighs about 75lbs, a Classico weighs about 120lbs, a 4-Pot Grande weighs about 300lbs, and a 7-Pot Grande weighs about 500lbs.

Why do you use steel?

Steel lasts forever.  There’s a reason it’s been used for millennia.

Wood lasts for maybe 5-10 years if you take care of it, and if it doesn’t blow down in a storm, rot, or turn into casu marzu for termites and ants.

Also, they didn’t have plastic back in the Old Country.

Why does a Fiore Tree cost so much?

Because of the painstaking craftsmanship and time it takes to make a Fiore Tree.  We build Fiore Trees with Old World techniques rarely found this side of “The Boot.”  We use no jigs, forms, robotic cutting or welding, and no patterns or tracing techniques.  We obsess over every leaf, branch, and knot.

How is my Fiore Tree shipped?

Depending on the size of your tree we may use standard carriers, like UPS or FedEx, or we may choose to use a third-party freight company.  You will need to cover the shipping costs, so we’ll discuss options with you shortly before your Fiore Tree is complete and ready to transform your yard.

Do you ship Fiore Trees outside the US?

Yes, with one caveat.  We are but simple craftsmen, not slick marketers, so we’ll say very plainly something you don’t often hear these days: you will need to cover the shipping.  But given that, we’ll ship your Fiore Tree as far as Timbuktu.

After I order, how long until my Fiore Tree ships?

Hard to say.  It depends on how busy we are. Also, we don’t think much about ship dates until we’ve got a new order.  You can’t rush art!  All we can promise is your Fiore Tree will be worth the wait as soon as you put the flowers on it, and will grace your home for generations.

What is your guarantee policy?

We guarantee to hand-forge for you a work of art you wish you commissioned long ago, and that can outlast the wooden trees at your villa.

What is your policy on returns?

We do not accept returns.  Each tree is hand-forged, built to order, and unique to your tastes.  We’ve found that a “measure 9 times, cut once” approach, coupled with our obsession with detail, has made every Fiore Tree perfect for every customer.  We know what it takes to make your Fiore Tree perfect the first time.

Do I get a discount if order multiple Fiore Trees?

No.  Each tree takes the same amount of love, passion, time, sweat, and old-fashioned Italian craftsmanship.

How can I take out my Fiore Tree, if I ever want to?

Relocating a Fiore Tree is just as easy as it was for you to plant it.  You may even choose to have several areas prepped for displaying your Fiore Tree, allowing you to move it around from year to year if you feel like it.

Can I move my Fiore Tree in the winter months?

Yes, although I can’t think of any reason you’d want to, given that your Fiore Tree is designed to withstand all elements.  Of course, if you’ve bolted your Fiore Tree to a concrete footing, you may need to put a new concrete footing in the tree’s new spot.

Can a Fiore Tree rust?

Yes, unless you don’t want it to.

Some people want their Fiore Tree to rust.  In fact, we can coat the tree with a substance that engenders rust.

For a more modern look, you might prefer to have your Fiore Tree powder-coated with a clear-coat, paint, or other type of coating.

Even with special coatings and state-of-the-art paint, metal will rust over time.  When that happens depends on the particulars of your situation.  Is your Fiore Tree outside in the elements 24/7, or is it indoors?  Is your Fiore Tree clear-coated, or did you request a solid color of paint?  Is your Fiore Tree made from mild steel, or from copper or stainless steel?  Those factors and others determine when a little rust might creep in.

A bit of fine-print: Even painted or clear-coated Fiore Trees can rust.  We can’t guarantee that they’ll never rust.  After all, they’re out in the elements 24/7, 365 days a year.

Anyway, your Fiore Tree easily can be refinished at any time, to ensure it will make your property beautiful for for generations to come.  If rust is a concern, just let us know and we’ll make you a rust-resistant Fiore Tree.

How can I plant a Fiore Tree on a hill?

Not too differently from how you would plant it on a level surface.  You’ll probably want to install a shallow concrete footing for added support.  The use of an ordinary level will ensure that it’s true and straight upon completion.

Is it safe to lean a ladder against a Fiore Tree?

With a concrete footing that reaches to the proper depth, yes, you could lean a ladder against a Fiore Tree.  The proper depth depends on the size of your tree and on soil conditions.  Instead of leaning a step ladder against your tree, we recommend you place a step ladder immediately next to your tree.

How can I make my Fiore Tree look amazing year-round?

Fiore Trees make a beautiful wintertime display.  Consider green trimmings, holly berries, lights, pinecones, etc.  If you order a lighted tree you can change the LED lights to holiday colors with the flip of switch (depending on which option of lighting you choose).  Or if you don’t have a lighted Fiore Tree, you can wrap lights all around the tree trunk, limbs, and whatever evergreens you’ve installed.  Heck, put some pumpkins on top for Halloween you can make your very own Haunted Fiore Tree forest.

Can I see photos of my tree before you send it to me?

Yes.  Simply ask us when you order your tree.

What if I have questions about my tree?

You can reach us at any time by email, and we will reply promptly.