4-Pot Grande

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4-Pot Grande

Inspired from Italy

About 4-Pot Grande

The name may remind you of nonna’s cooking, but the 4-Pot Grande is a feast for the eyes only.  At a towering 10 feet, the Grande is a garden in the sky.  A kind of natural fireworks display, its explosion of color will capture the attention and imagination of your whole family, passers-by, birds, and possibly astronauts on the International Space Station.

Whereas our smaller Fiore Trees can accent parts of your yard, the Grande needs a special place in your villa.  Its bark-accented branches simply demand to be admired up-close.

The smooth steel trunk measures 8 inches in diameter, and most branches measure between 2 ½ inches and 3 inches in diameter.  The mounting base measures 16 inches and the four 12-inch-diameter pot bases are perfect homes for traditional 16-inch hanging baskets.

For the ultimate upgrade, see our 7-Pot Grande (pictured).

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